James Armistead Lafayette

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James Armistead Lafayette
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James Armistead Lafayette is the unsung hero of the Revolutionary War. His work led to the American victory at the Battle of Yorktown. Here's a little background on his amazing life.


  • Born into slavery in 1759 in New Kent County, Virginia as James Armistead
  • Died in 1830 in New Kent County

  • In 1781 Benedict Arnold and General Cornwallis called him into service for Britian during Revolutionary War
  • Acted as a double agent for America
  • Appointed to work for French noble Marquis de Lafayette on American side
  • Helped by relaying British plans back to American leaders
  • Gathered information that led to General Cornwallis' surrender at the Battle of Yorktown
  • Took the name Lafayette to honor the Frenchman who inspired James so much
  • Given his freedom by Virginia legislature due to his importance in winning the Revolutionary War
  • Quote:
    After the war, Marquis de Lafayette had nothing but praise for his spy. "... services to me while I had the honuor to command in this state. His intelligences from the enemy's cap were industriously collected and most faithfully deliver'd. He properly acquitted himself with some important commisions I gave him and appears to me entitled to every reward his situation can admit of" (Lafayette, Marquis de in Abdul-Jabbar and Steinberg p.33-34).


    The Battle of Yorktown
    The last major Battle of the Revolutionary War.


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